EMC test lab covers commercial standards

Hursley preview_tmb Independent EMC test laboratory, Southern Manufacturing exhibitor Hursley EMC Services, covers all commercial standards including  ITE, medical, domestic, industrial, lighting and rail. It also has a military department covering, DO160, MIL461 and DEFSTAN 59-411 testing.

It is a notified body under the EMC directive and can assess and certify technical files. The company is UKAS accredited for USA, Canada, Japan,  Australia and New Zealand, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and South Africa as well as the EU and it has an agreement as a Nemko ELA to certify for many others, including Russia.

It tests from DC  to 40GHz and has power supplies from  DC to 440V 400Hz AC three-phase.

It boasts two CISPR16 3m chambers and a formally accredited 10m OATS site. Two sites run two shifts a day for lead times shorter than most labs, says the company.

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