Talliscan takes guesswork out of stock taking

TalliScan_tmb Responding to customer demand for broader applications including heavier stock items, Southern Manufacturing exhibitor TalliScan has extended its range to cater for 100kg stock bins and heavy cable reels. The floor-scale integrates seamlessly with the existing solution and allows heavyweight assemblers of cable harnesses to keep tight control over stock, taking the guesswork out of how much cable is left on the drum.

A single operator can count 60 to 75 bins in 15 minutes or 2,000 bins a day. Reeled surface-mount components, small plastic washers, switches, valves, housings, wire, cable or stainless steel fixings can be scanned in the parts bin using the handset which instantly calculates the parts count and keeps a record. The bin is then placed on the weighing scale.

Meet TalliScan on stand F31 at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2015 or go to http://www.talliscan.com/