New EMI filter glass seen for the first time at Southern 2014

Noritake Itron introduced a new range of cost-effective filter glass panels at Southern Manufacturing 2014, specifically designed to enable the reduction of EMI noise in markets such as aviation, medical equipment and scientific instrumentation. They can also be used to provide stability for capacitive touch panels where the TFT image has video or animation causing background noise.

CCI21032014_tmb A high performance photolithographic process offers customers cost, quality and delivery advantages over existing mesh and laser solutions, says the company,  as well as providing a 35db cut in noise emissions with up to 91% light transmission.

The glass substrate has a grid of 10 micron wide aluminium conductors with continuous ITO coating to provide an incombustible, chemical and scratch resistant solution with -50C to 1SOC operating temperature range.

A black anti-reflection layer negates effects found in other technologies which have used silver, copper or wire for their grid mesh.

4.3inch, 5.7inch, 7inch and 15inch sizes using 0.7mm thick glass are now available from stock with conductive adhesive tape applied to order with a delivery period of only 7 days. The conductive tape can also be supplied separately in 10m rolls with a 2mm width.

Custom solutions for orders over 200 pieces can be provided in specific sizes and thickness with noise reduction of 50db, if required. These would be available with 4-6 week delivery and a low tooling cost of just £500. Special patterns with text, icons, antenna, touch or other electrodes can be incorporated into the design with flexi or other interface connection options.