Sensors from IMC Group offer early warning of critical equipment damage

Condition-based monitoring (CBM) is playing an increasingly important role in supporting maintenance programmes, says Southern Manufacturing exhibitor IMC Group. The firm points out that the investment required to implement a CBM solution is modest compared to the potentially huge costs associated with repairing or replacing machinery that has been damaged.

cncmillingmachine_tmb The IMC Group recently introduced vibration and shock monitoring technology to a series of CNC milling machines used to produce aluminium parts for the aerospace industry. The unexpected failure of the machines had left the owners of the facility facing significant costs and loss of customer confidence.

Central to the effective running of a machine are its spindles and bearings, which are subjected to massive forces during operation. IMC Contor uses tri-axial Piezo accelerometer technology to record precise spindle vibration, assisting the operator to manage preventative maintenance. The real-time condition based monitoring information provided by the IMC Contor unit prevents damaging outcomes with instant alarm notifications of excessive impact to the spindle, providing customers with vital data that reduces maintenance costs and production downtime.

IMC Contor uses sophisticated communication via ZigBee RF to a central Contor interface where data is stored within an SOL database. Data from the central IMC Contor interface can then be easily interrogated via IMC’s user-friendly software that automatically identifies potentially dangerous data trends and delivers an alert.

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