AccuPocket from Fronius allows total freedom

Fig2_AccuPocket_tmb Fronius returns to Southern Manufacturing to highlight its range of world-class welding systems. One of the highlights of the stand is the AccuPocket 150/400, an MMA welding system with a high-performing lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a low overall weight of only 11 kg, giving users unprecedented freedom of movement in manual electrode and TIG welding. A fully charged battery delivers sufficient power to weld up to six 3.25 mm diameter electrodes or 16 electrodes of diam. 2.5 mm.

Supplied with the AccuPocket, the ActiveCharger device is capable of charging the battery to 90% of its 400Wh capacity in only 30 minutes, says the company. Fronius claims that combining advanced welding technology with the latest rechargeable batteries delivers pronounced improvements in ignition properties, arc stability and arc dynamics. AccuPocket’s lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have low environmental impact, lower self-discharge and no memory-effect.

Weighing just 5.25 kg, the rechargeable battery delivers rated energy of nearly 400 Wh. Together with the unit’s compact dimensions (435 x 160 x 320 mm) and sturdy design, this makes AccuPocket the ideal solution for repair welding or site-erection work in remote terrain where there is no direct access to mains electricity.

AccuPocket can also be run from a generator. The integrated rechargeable battery reduces the required maximum power input, meaning that a much lower-capacity current source can be used – instead of an 8 kV generator, a 2 kV one is now sufficient. This ties up less capital, and facilitates portable deployment.

Thanks to its facility for battery-powered operation, Fronius claims AccuPocket minimises time-consuming weld preparation work, actually reducing the total cost of ownership compared to conventional electrode welding systems.

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