Tape is viable alternative to mechanical fastening, says tesa

Offering a viable alternative to traditional mechanical fastening for constructive bonding, ACXplus.double-sided tape offers advantages in bonding strength, stress dissipation and resistance to the elements says Southern Manufacturing exhibitor, tesa.

The tape’s viscoelasticity provides optimal wetting of different surfaces, and also absorbs dynamic forces and vibrations, says the company. Elastic restoring forces provide inner strength and the viscous part allows for relaxation of mechanical stresses. As a result the bond is dimensionally stable and permanent.


The tape offers equal distribution of stress across the whole of the bonded area, says the company. The range includes tape featuring specifically high transparency for invisible bonding, high adhesion and high resistance, allowing use across temperature extremes including outstanding shock resistance down to -40˚C.

All three tapes, tesa 705x, 706x and 707x, have been certified to UL 746C, which rates exposure to extreme temperatures and under extreme conditions.
Visitors will also have the chance to see the company’s other products, including heat activated film and laser labels for tamper evident security marking.

Visit tesa at stand W82 or go to http://www.tesa.co.uk/