Cupio launches new dynamic load at Southern Electronics 2014

The latest Intepro dynamic load will be on display at the Cupio stand at Southern Electronics 2014 alongside the ABI functional and in-circuit tester and the Yestech optical inspection systems. This USB controlled load extends the capabilities of Cupio’s test systems to include power supplies, a vital part of all systems.

Dynamic Load_tmb The Intepro Systems EL97 series is a new generation of electronic loads that combines six modes of operation with fast rise times. Its state-of-the-art microprocessor design with 16-bit DAC control simulates a wide range of dynamic loading applications, battery discharge profiles, solar cell loading and fuel cell applications. These EL97xx series loads can be used for research, development, production, and incoming inspection.

The EL97 series loads include six modes of operation (CC, CR, CV, CW, CC+CV, CR+CV) to support a wide range of testing applications. Dual range 16-bit resolution measurements of voltage (V), current (I) and power (W) provide the accuracy of a DMM with the convenience of a single connection. Intepro Systems loads are designed for easy integration into automated test systems or used as a standalone instrument, operated by the easy to use front panel. Every load comes standard with an Ethernet or USB interface. All loads have power up self-diagnostic with built in calibration routines. Loads are fully protected against OP, OC, OV, OT and reverse polarity. This ensures the quality and reliability of the loads and provides protection for a unit under test.

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