Benefits of Black Zinc Nickel plating on show on TPG stand

Black Zinc Nickel Black Zinc Nickel and Electroless Nickel (Medium and High-Phosphorous) are amongst the specialist finishes that will be on show on the Twickenham Plating Group (TPG) stand at Southern Manufacturing 2014. The firm provides specialist technical plating services for electronics, telecommunication, aerospace, automotive and military applications. Services include: selective gold plating, reel to reel plating, and barrel/vat/rack plating.

Black Zinc Nickel is a suitable alternative to cadmium, compatible with other connector coatings, when a sacrificial coating is required on connector shells and accessories. Features of Black Zinc Nickel include: black non-reflective finish, lower toxicity of process and electro deposit, excellent corrosion resistance on aluminium connector shells even when cross mated to cadmium plated items, and ASTM B841 conformity.

High-Phosphorous Electroless Nickel coatings exhibit superior performance in many engineering and functional applications, such as: superior corrosion performance in hostile environments, non-magnetic coating, good lubricity, wear and abrasion resistance, amorphous coating with inherent low porosity at thickness >10 microns, compressive stress resulting in minimal metal fatigue, and AMS-C- 26074 and AMS 2404 conformity.

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