Aerators from MacInnes Tooling restore coolant biobalance

Over time, coolants are subjected to contamination by bacteria and metal fines. MacInnes Tooling’s BioBalance, showcased on the company’s stand at Southern Manufacturing 2014, is a system of devices designed to help restore and maintain the condition of a coolant.

Macinnes preview edit_tmb For example, floating tramp oil provides food for bacteria and starves the coolant of oxygen and dramatically shortens coolant life. Adding air, a micro aerator restores the biobalance. Tiny bubbles produced at the submersed aeration plate float to the surface through the coolant. In addition to enriching the oxygen supply, very small pieces of suspended matter are carried to the surface where they can be removed by one of the belt skimmers or our other tramp oil removal units.

The company offers three micro aerators (pictured), the MIKRO 200, which is supplied with one aeration plate for sumps up to approximately 300litres; the MIKRO 300, with two aeration plates for sumps up to approximately 500litres and the MIKRO 1000 which is supplied with four aeration plates for sumps up to approximately1000litres.

A range of belt skimmers is also available to remove tramp oil. All have stainless steel housings, timers and powerful, reliable drive motors. The RAPID 2.1 60mm wide belt, the RAPID 1.1 100mm wide belt, the RAPID 3.1 12mm flexible hose skimmer and RAPID 4 250mm diameter disk skimmer. Belt lengths are from 600 to 2000mm and flexible hoses are from one to 6m long.

The company supplies other machine tool coolants, supplying the cutting tool with clean coolant to ensure the best cooling and lubrication for the cutting process. One such is the MISCEO coolant mixing unit. It mixes coolant and offers rates from 0.5 to 15% in steps of 0.1%. It is imperative that the coolant concentrate is mixed with the water correctly, as incorrectly mixed coolant leads to poor tool life, residues on the machine, poor coolant life and sub-standard components, says the company. Options allow for automatic machine filling, overflow protection and pressure monitoring. Mixing capacity is from 600 to 2000litres/hour. Connection voltage is 100 to 240V, 50 to 60Hz. Operating voltage is 24V.

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