Henkel gives an all-round view of structural bonding

On its stand at Southern Manufacturing 2014, Henkel will highlight the 360 Degrees Structural Bonding Programme and give advice on the five adhesive technologies that form its Loctite structural adhesives range and dispensing equipment.

Henkel preview_tmb The structural bonding offers advantages compared to – or in combination with – other fastening methods such as stapling, riveting or welding, says the company. It allows dissimilar materials to be joined, saves weight, seals joints and forms an insulating film to prevent contact corrosion. As stress is distributed evenly over the entire bond face, greater static and dynamic strength is achieved.

Low pressure moulding will also be on the company’s stand as it demonstrates its ability to encapsulate delicate components. The company will be giving away Technomelt encapsulated USB sticks that will also contain technical and application data on the technology. Technomelt moulding – formerly Macromelt – is a class between casting and injection. It is non-aggressive, cost-effective and fast. Low pressures are involved, so lower cost mould tools can be used and even surface mount components and lead free soldering safely enclosed. It has a speed advantage over traditional potting methods and has the potential to deliver significant productivity gains for a low capital investment.

Visit Henkel at stand number M73 or go to www.loctite.co.uk