Ogle some super models at Southern Manufacturing 2013

ogle Ogle Models and Prototypes will be showcasing the latest addition to its machine room at Southern Manufacturing. The firm recently took delivery of an iPro 8000 Stereolithography system from 3D Systems. The addition to its 3D printing and additive manufacturing capacity has further enhanced Ogle’s existing capability with further large part capacity for high resolution, production grade parts.

The iPro 8000 SLA 3D printer is a high throughput system that quickly and economically builds parts with outstanding surface smoothness, feature resolution, edge definition and tolerances that rival those of CNC-machined parts. In the hands of the experts at Ogle, this machine will reliably produce the highest quality parts for a wide range of applications. Ogle’s new 3D printer will run SLA Clear material, specifically SL 7870.

Ogle has been offering SLA services to its clients since April 1997 and it continues to evolve and improve its service to its diverse and global client base. ISO 9001 registered, based and manufacturing wholly in the UK, Ogle Models and Prototypes combines a talented hands-on team, with some of the very latest manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing for prototyping and manufacturing together with CNC machining and vacuum casting.

To find out more about this fascinating company, visit the Ogle Models stand at Southern Manufacturing 2013 or go to http://www.oglemodels.com/

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