tesa sets new standards in constructive bonding at Southern Manufacturing 2013

tesa returns to Southern Manufacturing this year with tesa ACXplus; its innovative range of adhesive tapes for constructive, long-term bonding on both indoor and outdoor applications.

tesa_tmb Based on patented high capacity acrylates, tesa ACXplus offers many advantages over traditional bonding methods including clear full-surface bonding, extreme load capacity, stress dissipation, corrosion prevention and resistance to both weather and temperature.

The key benefits in stress dissipation are unique to ACXplus through its viscoelasticity.  In combination, the tape’s elastic and viscous properties dissipate extreme physical stress, compensating for different rates of thermal expansion and contraction of different substrates. 

When two materials, for example glass and aluminium, are bonded with tesa ACXplus an optimal high strength bond is achieved even under extreme temperature conditions or where uneven or irregular surfaces are encountered.

The key performance benefits in stress dissipation are uniquely available to ACXplus up to three times its own thickness.  For example, a 0.5mm tape can compensate for expansion in bonded materials up to 1.5mm.

Because of its acrylic system, the tape provides both optimal wetting and equal distribution of the stress areas of a bond, resulting in the absence of weak points and a powerful, long-lasting bond on materials with different surface characteristics.

Jeremy Smith, UK Marketing Manager for tesa said, “tesa ACXplus is setting new standards in adhesive tape production, offering so much more than a simple alternative to mechanical fastening methods while embracing both known and new application areas where no adhesive bonding solution has previously been available.

Manufacturing industry is characterized by the need for versatility and resilience in design.  This product has the ability to enable time and cost savings in application, while providing the advantages of enhanced quality and more freedom to assist manufacturers in producing the type of future-oriented designs which can help them to gain the competitive edge in their own field.”

As part of its tesacohesion programme which focuses on people, products, processes and performance, tesa is once again inviting visitors to bring their applications to the stand to discuss how tesa ACXplus can help them to enhance the quality and longevity of their processes and  manufacturing methods.


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