Dormer showcases new taps at Southern Manufacturing 2013

New Taps_Dormer_tmb Dormer Tools has added to its threading programme with the launch of two important new ranges. Showcased at Southern Manufacturing 2013, both feature coatings designed to offer improved wear resistance and increased productivity over uncoated taps.

The first of these is a versatile range of Titanium Nitride coated taps designed for high performance threading across a wide range of materials including stainless steel, copper and aluminium. Available in both spiral point and spiral flute geometries, the surface treatment provides high hardness combined with low friction properties. This ensures considerably longer tool life and better cutting performance over uncoated taps.

The second introduction involves four new taps designed to promote continuous production in applications involving structural grade steels, carbon steels and alloy steels. Featuring a Hard Chrome Plating (Cr) which significantly increases surface hardness – up to 68HRc – it also prevents swarf from sticking to the tool. When combined with a geometry designed to provide optimum flute space this feature encourages negligible chip congestion and, in turn, increased productivity.

In addition, a short thread length generates low torque which means the taps can be run at higher operating conditions with no detrimental effect on tool life or workpiece surface finish.

Hans Persson, Dormer’s threading product manager, said: “Dormer has, traditionally, been associated more with the development of innovative drilling products, a key area which continues to the present day. However, our portfolio of threading products has developed in tandem with our drilling programme over recent decades.”

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